Kensington market july 2013 ages 5 and 1 022The Man Behind the Monkey / About Me

Hi, I’m James, otherwise known as the ‘Funky Monkey’!
I live in Markham, Ontario and am a father to two amazing little girls and a husband to my wonderful wife!

I’ve always loved photography growing up, and tried to get my hands on a camera almost every chance I got. I chose a different path in school and unfortunately lost sight of photography for many years early into my career. When my oldest daughter was born, we booked a photo shoot with a professional photographer, and it almost instantly reinvigorated my love for photography. And so it all began….

9 years ago I built my basement photography studio and started out by mostly taking pics of my daughter, family and friends to try to improve my skills on the ‘side’. I was an auto mechanic for many years, and it wasn’t until the birth of our second daughter, that I made the decision to resign to care for her. She was born 3 months early and needed a parent home with her for the next few years due to multiple medical complications.

Leaving my job as an auto mechanic was a blessing in disguise as I was finally free to pursue my true passion Рphotography full time, while maintaining additional flexibility for my daughter.
Since then, I started to gradually bring in more clients and gain expertise. I’ve built up my camera collection, lenses & lighting collection, which is top notch and extremely high end for the sharpest images possible. I am now very confident in both my photography and photoshop/post-processing abilities!

As you will soon find out, I’m probably the most laid back guy you will ever meet, and am great with kids. It helps that I’m a big kid myself! I do everything I can to make your child feel at ease while in the studio. I play light music, I have a giant toy ‘prize’ machine, and I get downright silly with them — in the hopes of capturing their ‘true’ personalities in real live moments.

I am very excited to meet you and your family!

James Heffron